#024 Starmer’s Labour Is Lost


Sir Keir Starmer MP
Sienna Rodgers, editor of the online publication ‘Labour List’ (Speaking in Early 2020)
BBC Panorama - Have the UK Government failed the NHS? (27th April 2020)
Novara Media - Why Has Britain Failed on Covid? (Richard Horton, February 2021)
Ipsos Mori Polling (Feb 2021)
Hartlepool By-Election Results (May 2021)
Hartlepool Constituency Labour Vote Numbers (2005–2021) (May 2021)
Channel 4 News/J.L.Partners Polling (May 2021)
Jess Barnard, the elected chair of Young Labour, Tweet (September 2021)
First Half of Labour MP Kate Osbourne’s Statement (September 2021)
Excerpt From A Letter Sent by the Labour Party to a member
LGBT+ Labour Tweets (July & September 2021)
Richard Hill, ex Chair of Colchester CLP Public Statement (1/2) (August 2021)
Richard Hill, ex Chair of Colchester CLP Public Statement (2/2) (August 2021)
Novara Media Analysis (2020)
‘Call Keir’ LBC Phone In (11th May, 2020)
Caroline Lucas, Green MP (May 2020)
Torsten Bell, Chief Executive of the Think Tank, The Resolution Foundation (Feb 18th, 2021)
Sienna Rodgers, Labourlist Publication Editor Tweet (March 2021)
Journalist Owen Jones Tweet (Feb 2021)
Keir Starmer Tweet (January 2021)
Do Donors Now Control The Labour Party? (Novara Media, Jan 2021)
Howard Beckett, Unite’s representative on the Labour Party’s National Executive Committee (NEC) (March 2021)
Starmer Visits Homophobic Church Jesus House (April 3rd, 2021)
Keir Starmer’s Subsequent Apology (April 5th, 2021)
Stephen Timms Labour MP (Posted Day After Starmer’s Apology)’
Keir Starmer Tweet (Feb 2020)
Peter Stefanovic Exposes Boris Johnson’s Lies (2021)
John McDonnell MP (2020)
Michael Walker, Novara Media - BBC Radio 2 Jeremy Vine Show (June 2020)
Independent SAGE member (January 2nd 2020)
Kate Green MP (4th January 2021)
How Can Anyone Trust Keir Starmer? (2021)
Jeremy Corbyn’s Statement on this (July 2020)
Novara Media Analysis (July 2020)
Andrew Feinstein on Keir Starmer (Dec 2020)
Journalist Eleni Courea (2020)
‘The Chair Circle’ (2020)
Feb 2021
Labour’s Finances In “Perilous State” (Novara Media, Jan 2021)
Starmer on LBC, June 2020
Statement by Ten Members of Labour’s NEC (2021)
Ken Loach Tweet (Aug 2021)
A Labour Party NEC member’s tweet following the appointment of David Evans
An email sent from David Evans to all CLP secretaries & chairs (Aug 2020)
A letter sent from David Evans to all local party chairs, MPs and MSPs (Nov 2020)
Journalist Gabriel Pound Tweet (February 2021)
Excluded Councillors Wendy Simon, Ann O’Byrnes and Anna Rothery (left to right)
Yougov and Redfield & wilton Polling (Up To The End of Dec 2021)
Dan Carden MP’s Resignation Letter (October 2020)
The Labour Party (2020)
Novara Media Clip (April 2022)
Labour Party’s official Youtube Channel (Screenshot Taken In April 2022)
Official Labour Party Tweet (11th April 2022)
Keir Starmer on Labour accepting Johnson’s EU-UK Deal (December 2020)
Keir Starmer’s Leadership Campaign Ten Pledges (Early 2020)
Socialist Campaign Group of Labour MPs Argue For Labour to Commit to a Green New Deal (2020)
Tony Blair on Keir Starmer (July 2020)
Jeremy Corbyn MP’s Statement in Response to the Release of the EHRC Report (Oct 2020)
Further Analysis Clip From Tysky Sour (Novara Media, Nov 2020)
Keir Starmer’s Reasons for Supporting Corbyn’s Suspension (Oct 2020)
Angela Rayner on Corbyn’s Statement (October 2020)
Writer Alex Nunns (Nov 2020)
Christian Wakeford Comments in Parliament (2021)
Christian Wakeford (What’s App, 2022)
Novara Media Tysky Sour Excerpt (September 2021)
Writer/Political Theorist Richard Seymour (April 4th 2020)
The Results of A Focal Data Poll With A Large Sample Size (Jan 2021)
Electoral Results in the Ealing Central & Acton Constituency (2015 & 2017)
Make Votes Matter Campaign Group Tweet (2020)
Craft-D - Letter to Corbyn (2020)
Andrew Fisher Tweet (2020)
Polling Expert John Curtice on LBC, (Dec 2019)
Clive Lewis Tweet (January 2021)
The Exodus is Happening (Nov 2020)
Ronan Burtenshaw on Keir Starmer (Double Down News, Feb 2021)
Ken Loach on Keir Starmer
George Monbiot on Keir Starmer (Double Down News, Feb 2021)
Keir Starmer Ipsos Mori Polling (June 2020 - March 2021)
Yougov Polling (September 2021)
Redfield & Wilton Polling (July 2021)
From Oliver Eagleton’s ‘The Starmer Project’ book (2022)
Tony Blair praises Keir Starmer (2022)



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