(Frederick Douglass, Slavery Abolitionist Orator & Writer, 1857)

#027 Power Concedes Nothing Without A Demand

Demand More From The Labour Party

Yougov Polling (September 2021)
Redfield & Wilton Strategies Polling (March 2021 - Oct 2021)
Ipsos Mori Polling (September 2021)
Redfield & Wilson Strategies Polling (June 2020 - Sept 2021)
Ipsos Mori Polling (April 2020 - November 2021)
General Summary of Labour’s May 2021 Results under Starmer’s Leadership (May 2021)
Starmer on “Radical Politics” (Jan 2020)
Keir Starmer’s Promise (Feb 2020)
Excerpt From A Guardian Interview with Keir Starmer (Aug 2021)
John Curtice Electoral Projections (2021)
Starmer’s Leadership Pledge 8
Starmer’s Leadership Pledge 3
BBC Newsnight Report (Feb 2021)
UK Income Tax Rates Vs Dividend Tax Rates
Starmer’s Leadership Pledge 1
Starmer’s Leadership Pledge 2
Green Co-Leader Carla Denham (2021)
Oliver Eagleton on Starmer and PR (Novara Media’s Downstream Clip) (2022)



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