#036 Starmer U-Turns on Electoral Reform

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1 min readJun 2

In September 2022, Labour party conference voted in favour of adopting electoral reform, in the form of a proportional electoral system for the house of commons at general elections.


Keir Starmer is on record as saying,

“I also think on electoral reform we’ve got to address the fact that millions of people vote in safe seats and they feel their vote doesn’t count and that’s got to be addressed. We will never get full participation in our electoral system until we do that, at every level” (Keir Starmer, 2020)

Keir Starmer Speaking in 2020 When Trying To Get Elected As Leader

but, in 2023, Starmer has now decided he’s against electoral reform and any move to proportional representation for the House of Commons general elections and that he holds a “long-standing view against proportional representation”.


Notably, Labour’s Mayor of Greater Manchester, Andy Burnham, disagrees,

and it’s not Starmer’s only U-Turn…




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