#025 The Depravity of Boris Johnson

The Most Reprehensible Prime Minister Britain Has Ever Known

Yougov Polling on Whether Boris Johnson is doing well or badly as PM
Boris Johnson Hits RECORD Low in Polls (Novara Media, Dec 2021)
  1. He lies and distorts the truth very often.
Journalist Peter Oborne’s 2021 Book
Peter Stefanovic Exposes Boris Johnson’s Lies (2021)
  • The time Johnson was confronted by the father of an ill child in a hospital and had the audacity of claim “well actually there are no press here” whilst glancing at the press to his left whilst being recorded by Sky News, among other national broadcasters and newspapers.
  • The time Johnson lied about there being no threat to the Erasmus scheme, which was later ended as part of the EU-UK trade & security deal.
Johnson’s Claims on the Erasmus Scheme in Parliament (2020)
  • The time Johnson lied about the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, claiming, “(Khan) effectively bankrupted Transport for London before coronavirus even hit.”
Sadiq Khan Tweet (Oct 2020)
https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-53588275 (July 2020)
Only 26% believe Boris Johnson tells the truth according to this poll (2021)
How Johnson Has ALWAYS Been A Liar (Novara Media, 2022)
Boris Johnson’s ‘Guarantee’ to the Country in the Conservative Manifesto (December 2019)
  • One specific example would be a Spectator column he wrote, which casually included the passage “an almost Nigerian interest in money”, deploying an offensive racial stereotype.
  • Another example comes from a 2002 article where Johnson wrote, “The continent [Africa] may be a blot, but it is not a blot upon our conscience…The problem is not that we were once in charge, but that we are not in charge any more.”
  • A third example is Johnson’s defence of the Oxford university statue of Cecil Rhodes, a well known imperialist and racist. Johnson claims to move the statue would be somehow “editing history”, a classic conservative position, which implies nothing can ever be changed updated or re-assessed.
  • A fourth example could be when Johnson shouted the sexist insult “you great big girl’s blouse” across to Jeremy Corbyn, the then leader of the opposition, to infer Corbyn was somehow cowardly or weak, the same year a memo was leaked revealing Johnson describing former prime minister David Cameron as a “girly swot”.
“The truth is our prime minister’s a real racist” (Dave live at the 2020 Brit Awards)
John Bercow Blasts Boris Johnson (December 2021)
Boris Johnson’s Full Fat U-Turn (Sky News) (2021)
BBC Panorama - Have the UK Government Failed the NHS? (April 2020)
BBC Newsnight - Covid and the NHS: Inside Intensive Care (January 2021)
Sky News - The UK’s Contact Tracing App (June 2020)
BBC News - Boris Johnson Apologises For Repeated Confusion Over Coronavirus Restrictions (September 2020)
Channel 4 News - The families of frontline workers who died with Covid seeking justice (October 2020)
Dan Bloom Tweet, Online Political Editor for the Daily Mirror (July 2021)
Novara Media - Why Has Britain Failed on Covid? (Richard Horton, February 2021)
Sunday Times Podcast - What Went Wrong Between January and March 2020 (March 2021)
Sunday Times Podcast - How Britain Unleashed A Second Disastrous Wave of the Virus Despite Repeated Warnings From Experts (March 2021)
Grieving Father’s Response To Cummings’ Claims (LBC, May 2021)
Jonathan Pie (Feb 2021)
BBC News Report (April 2022)
Supreme Court Judgement in Full (2019)
Johnson and Bin Salman (March 2022)
Johnson’s Government Break International Law (2020)
Boris Johnson’s Favourability Polling (July 2019 - December 2021)
Boris Johnson - A Man Without Shame (The Independent, Jan 2022)
Politics Joe Publication (2022)
Bye Bye Boris (a Bye Bye Baby parody) (2022)



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