Theresa May, Prime Minister of the U.K., and Donald Trump, President of the U.S.A.

#019 The Clown Commander in Chief

Twelve Reasons To Oppose Donald Trump

1) Donald Trump, whilst president of the U.S.A., re-tweeted two of Jayda Fransen’s Islamophobic tweets, provoking division directly whislt also promoting the far right organisation Britain First of which Jayda Fransen is Deputy Leader. Fransen has been charged and convicted of religiously aggravated harassment in the U.K. on multiple occasions.

Similarly Trump drew moral equivalency between fascists, neo-confederates, Klansmen, alt right neo-nazis and left wing supporters standing up to bigotry, in Charlottesville, Virginia, following the ‘Unite the Right’ white nationalist/separatist rally in August 2017, by initially refusing to condemn the groups involved and instead saying,

“What about the alt-left”


“A group on one side that was bad and another group that was also very violent”

2) Trump has unilaterally withdrawn the US from the 2015 Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) (Iranian nuclear deal), despite all of the U.S.’s closest allies lobbying for the U.S. to remain part of the deal, and despite it being globally recognised as one of the previous president’s greatest foreign policy achievements,

3) Trump has irresponsibly tweeted climate change skepticism/denial over a hundred times,

A Former UN secretary has also said,

“Donald Trump’s decision to withdraw the US from the Paris agreement has created serious problems for global efforts to tackle climate change”

4) Trump’s Presidential Proclamation 9645 has restricted Iranian, Libyian, North Korean, Syrian, Venezuelan, Yemenis and Somalian nationals from entering the U.S., a policy clearly targeting Muslims, and implying all people from these Muslim countries are a dangerous threat of some kind.

5) The Trump administration’s effect on women’s reproductive rights,

6) The Trump administration’s ‘zero tolerance’ policy has led to significant increases in family separations,

“Under President Barack Obama, government policy was to target unauthorised immigrants with serious criminal offences for deportation. President Donald Trump’s approach, on the other hand, makes all unauthorised immigrants “priority” targets for deportation… According to the data obtained by the Huffington Post, one-quarter of the people taken into custody for deportation in 2017 had no criminal conviction at all, and most of the remaining three-quarters had previous convictions for offences like simple drug possession, immigration violations, and traffic offences. Although exactly analogous data is unavailable for 2016, our analysis of other datasets show arrests of people with no criminal convictions have shot up under Trump — the number of arrests of people with no criminal convictions in the first seven months of 2017 was almost triple that of the number arrested during the same period in 2016.”

7) Trump signed an executive order banning Syrian refugees indefinitely and temporarily suspending refugees from other countries,

8) Trump’s ‘Tax Cuts and Jobs Act’ looks likely to benefit the top 5% far more than the middle and working classes (a highly regressive policy) — increasing wealth and income (relative) inequality,

9) Trump has ties to organised crime, Pulitzer Prize winning journalist investigation here,

10) Trump’s treatment of women and minorities generally,
e.g., Transgender people being disqualified from military service
e.g., Mocking a disabled reporter, for his disabilities, in his election campaign
e.g., Recorded misogynistic comments in his election campaign,
“grab her by the pussy” etc.

[In July 2018 the BBC’s Panorama programme investigated Donald Trump, him having been accused of sexually inappropriate behaviour by more than 20 women]

11) Trump effectively threatened a Venezuelan coup,

12) Trump also resurrected plans for two oil pipelines, the Keystone XL and Dakota Access pipelines, despite widespread objections from climate scientists & activists and Native American tribes, undoing victories won by grassroots pressure which had previously helped deny permits to oil and gas companies.

EXTRA - Donald Trump intends to withdraw the United States unilaterally from the International UN Arms Trade Treaty, signed and ratified by over 100 countries, which exists to regulate the sale of weapons between countries and help prevent exported weapons being used for genocide, crimes against humanity, war crimes or terrorist acts.

EXTRA - Donald Trump explicitly attacks four representatives, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ayanna Pressley, Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib, in a racist twitter tirade.

Donald Trump Tweets (July 2019)
Mehdi Hasan on Trump in Two Minutes (Nov 2020)



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